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Medical Worker

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The MNA requires all registered naturopathic doctors to comply with the provincial public health orders.

The current orders under the Emergency Measures Act, the Public Health Act and the Regulated Health Professions Act can be found here: Manitoba Laws (Orders) (

Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Requirements for Designated Persons

All MNA members should inform themselves about private practice medical clinic policies regarding COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements as well as where and to whom the public health order applies. They should be prepared for individuals, including patients, to inquire about their vaccination status, particularly where they are self-employed, and be prepared to provide information on the applicable policies in place to ensure adequate protections from COVID-19.

Guidance for the public regarding COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Requirements

The MNA encourages members of the public to review the public health order [ Orders requiring vaccination or testing for designated persons/Ordres exigeant la vaccination ou le dépistage pour les personnes désignées ( ] as vaccination and testing requirements may vary by health care setting.

As a member of the public, the Manitoba Naturopathic Association asks you to be mindful of any instructions provided to you by your naturopathic doctor or their staff during this time. Clinics and staff will be observing physical distancing, masking and other protocols to ensure a safe environment for patients. If you have any questions about care with your health provider we encourage you to call their office and discuss the measures that have been put in place.

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