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If you have a concern about your naturopathic treatment, a current or past naturopathic doctor's conduct, you may choose to communicate this with your practitioner. If you are not comfortable doing so or have attempted to do so and are unsatisfied with the response, you may follow these steps to file a formal complaint with the Manitoba Naturopathic Association. 

Note: The MNA does not provide financial compensation to complainants.

Step 1: File Complaint 

Complaints must be made in writing. Please state your concern(s) as clearly and detailed as possible 

If possible, copies of correspondence, treatment plans, medical records, receipts and other documentation that helps to support the complaint should be provided at the time the complaint is submitted. All complaints must be signed and dated.

Please mail letters of complaint to:

The Registrar

Manitoba Naturopathic Association
971 Corydon Ave., PO Box 434
Winnipeg, MB
R3M 0Y0

Step 2: Review by the Complaints Committee

The Complaints Committee is comprised of:

  • Naturopathic Doctors who are members of the MNA

  • Public member who is not a naturopathic doctor

  • Representation by legal counsel if necessary

1. Upon receipt of a formal, written complaint, the Complaints Committee acknowledges receipt of the complaint in writing to the complainant;

2.  Notifies the MNA member by letter that a formal complaint has been made against them and forwards relevant information re: said complaint to the member;


3.  Informs the MNA member that they may respond to the complaint in writing to the Complaints Committee within a specified time frame;


4. Upon review of all material, determines whether or not further investigation is warranted. In most cases, the member’s response to the complaint is shared with the complainant.

Step 3: Decision
The Complaints Committee will review the complaint and decide on a course of action such as:

  • Informal resolution

  • Make a decision based on the information provided in the complaint 

  • Follow-up with the complainant and/or member if more information or clarification is required

The Complaints Committee has a number of options to resolve the complaint, including:

  • Refer the matter to the Inquiry Committee for a formal legal hearing into the member's conduct

  • Censure the member

  • Refer the matter to mediation if the complainant and the member are both in agreement

  • Enter into an agreement with the member that may include consequences such as conditional practice and/or supervised practice

The Complaints Committee will provide the complainant with written notice of its decision and the reasons for the decision.


Complainants may appeal the decision made by the Complaints Committee. To do so, submit a written appeal to the MNA within 30 days of the date that they are notified of the decision:


The Registrar

Manitoba Naturopathic Association

The Registrar

Manitoba Naturopathic Association
971 Corydon Ave., PO Box 434
Winnipeg, MB
R3M 0Y0

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